Monday, 29 November 2010

A soothing and sensual lunch

Sadly I've got no work this week and but I've decided to maintain my morale by cooking (and indeed eating) some aspirational chow instead of eating bowls of mushroom flavour noodles naked on my own, in front of a laptop I'm going to whip up some fresh seasonal treats that should hopefully please both the mouth and the pocket.

I picked up a big ole celeriac (a variety of celery grown for it's fleshy, swollen base cf. Larousse Gastronomique) for 23p from the undignified scrum that is the discount aisle in Big Tescos.

I've banged the whole fleshy, swollen base through the coarse grater on my Magimix food processor, and stirred in some mayonaisse, mustard, lemon juice, capers and chopped gherkins to make a celeriac remoulade.

Nigel Slater likes to serve his with a some "paper thin slices of bayonne ham" for a "soothing, sensual lunch". Sadly I couldn't find any bayonne ham I substituted for a popular pork, liver and turkey sausage which came ready sliced, saving both time and money.

I would highly recommend "playing tattoos" with the sausage before serving. This helps bring the meat up to room temperature releasing more flavour whilst providing your skin with a little extra moisturisation and a pleasant aroma of industrial meat fat.

I think I like this one best. "Sailor style", I call it.

So that's what I had for lunch.

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