Monday, 1 February 2010

Local firewater #2: Mezcal

Pronounced: Mess-cal
Made from: Charred agave cactus
Tastes like: Alcohol, smoke, tequila made in a shed
Best served: in a glass, with some tart citrus fruit to numb your tastebuds and a little pile of salt mixed with chilli powder and ground up dried worms.

How can I make some? 1)Take cactus:

2) Burn cactus:

3) Squish cactus (ask a horse to help you if you have trouble with the wheel):

4) Ferment cactus:

5) Distill cactus, twice:

6) Bottle (rude picture/NSFW):
7) Add worm:

8) Remove worm:
NB: the worm is only for tourists.

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