Saturday, 19 December 2009

Digestive Roulette

Torte al pastor: pork, marinated for two days in pineapple juice and spices, cooked on a doner kebab grill next to the pet stall at a market with no running water. In a crunchy roll!

Some people like to choose stalls where the meat has been roasting long enought for a delicious crispy char to have developed on the outside. Not Kate and I: we prefer to frequent joints that have just opened for the day and the meat on the spit is consequently still totally raw. I asked the guy making our sandwiches to make sure that he gave the uncooked pork a good rub with his bare hands before he started putting them together. Well I didn't actually ask, but he did it anyway which was jolly nice of him.

Shave the meat into a bun, top with spring onions and coriander before whacking the whole lot back on the grill to warm through. Top with liquid guacamole and a simple habanero salsa and serve.

I was so delicious I almost bought and freed the cage-full of geese that were watching me eat it but wiser heads prevaled and we just got a load of budgies and set them loose in a motorway service station. As the old saying goes "health is in your h1n1 influenza hands".

Thanks google translator. Where would we be without you?

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