Thursday, 17 December 2009

Isla Mujeres

Oh man, I just get so Christmassy this time of year.
Actually I don't really like Christmas very much, but what I do like (a lot) are things that look a bit like my name (sort of). Viva Chimbo's!
You know what else I like? Those funny mexican beer cocktails called Cheladas. This one is made with tamarind and lime juice with a sweet chill and salt rim.
I think somebody might be worried that this looked a bit girly so they put it in a glass that is so heavy that only a double hard bastard could drink out it. Sure I used the straw for a bit, but only when I was holding the glass up in the air, not with it on the table.
Drinking from a staw with a glass on the table would make me look like some sort of sunburned idiot on his holidays and I will be DAMNED before I let that happen on my watch.

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